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6 Tips to Make Family Mealtimes Easier

If there was something easy that you could do to provide your children with a more nutritious diet, lower their chances of developing an eating disorder and decrease their risk that they will be involved in violence or drug abuse, would you? Of course! And what is this "easy thing?" Eating together as a family!

Sure, it sounds easy. But throw in odd work schedules, kids activities every night of the week and teens that would rather hang out with their friends and it becomes more challenging!

Here are a few tips to make a family meal routine work for you, at least a few times per week:

  1. It doesn't have to be dinner! You can have breakfast or lunch together, if that fits with your schedule best.
  2. It doesn't have to be at home, or around the kitchen table. If you're off to watch a kids baseball game, you can bring sandwiches or food in thermoses & throw down a picnic blanket.
  3. Make meals distraction-free. I'm as addicted to my phone as anymore (maybe more-so!). But still have a hard NO PHONES AT THE TABLE rule. This applies to parents too.
  4. Have conversation.  My kids love sharing their "highs and lows" at dinner. You get a chance to catch up with everyone's day, and kids learn to take turns listening.
  5. Don't make meals a fight. Especially if you have a picky eater. Forcing them to try the vegetable or eat three bites just stresses everyone out. We're trying to keep the dinner table as peaceful as possible for everyone! Here are some more tips if you struggle with picky eaters.
  6. Get kids involved in cooking, setting the table and tidying up. Kids take great pride in cooking up a dish for the family to try. Especially if your kids are older, they can have a night of the week to cook. This also provides them with a very important skill for when they're off on their own.

Check out this pretty infographic for more motivation to eat with your family (note, this is not a sponsored blog):


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