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Baby Led Weaning on Global Calgary

Oct 11, 2018

Check out my appearance on Global Calgary for Calgary's Child Magazine.

I was discussing Baby Led Weaning including why you would choose this method of introducing solids. There are lots of benefits of baby led weaning, including less stress, ease for parents, improved dexterity. And starting to create a healthy relationship with food by allowing your baby to choose how much to eat from the beginning!

One potential risk (although research shows it's no greater in Baby-led weaners!) is choking and baby led weaning. I suggest offering soft foods, in a safe shape. Here is a blog with more in depth info about preventing choking with baby-led weaning.

Another potential risk is low iron. Parents often just offer fruits and veggies as starter finger foods. Nutritious- but too low in calories and important nutrients like iron. I suggest offering a source of iron at each meal. This can include meat or fish, eggs, legumes or infant cereal. Here are some more tips for getting enough iron with BLW.

I also chat on Global about some good starter foods for baby-led weaning. Your baby will need larger foods at first, so they can pick up the food with a palmer grasp. Taking into account choking risk and offering high iron foods! Here's another blog with a few  ideas for starter foods:

If you want to learn more, click here to sign up for my free webinar: "How to Get Started With Baby Led Weaning."


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