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Frozen Pizza Rolls for School Lunches

Summer has flown by once again, and back-to-school time has arrived! Which is probably bit of relief for you if you have school-aged children. Except that you can now add "make school lunches" back on your daily to-do list!

Check out my Facebook Live video, where I share 3 Tips for Lazy School Lunches....beyond the sandwich.

Here's a brief summary:

  1. The easiest main course is leftovers. Some are fine cold and packed the night before (like pizza or pasta salad). Others might need to be warmed in the thermos and added to the rest of the lunch in the morning like a stew, casserole or spaghetti.
  2. If your kid gets sick of sandwiches (and you get sick of making them!) another good option is the bento-style such as whole grain crackers, sliced cheese and a boiled egg. Try to include one protein source (in-store made deli meat, chicken breast strips, chickpeas, bean dip, cheese, egg, turkey bites etc...)
  3. Pre-prepped frozen snacks and meals. I always have a container of frozen home-made muffins and cookies to grab from. And this year I'm attempting some main dishes too! Frittatas in muffin tins could be eaten cold, or warmed up. And here's the Pizza Roll recipe I shared in my video:

Veggie Pizza Roll Recipe

  • Fresh Pizza dough (from the store, or I make mine in the bread maker)
  • 1.5 cups Pizza sauce
  • Steamed or stir-fried mixed veggies (optional - but easy if you have leftovers!)
  • Favourite deli meat: salami, soy pepperoni, ham (optional again)
  • Grated mozza cheese
  1. Roll pizza dough into two large rectangles.
  2. Blend together the pizza sauce and veggies in a food processor.
  3. Spread the pizza sauce/veggie mix onto each of the pizza crusts, leaving about an inch of dough plain around the edges.
  4. Top with your desired meat and cheese.
  5. Roll up as tight the dough triangles as you can, into a large log shape.
  6. Cut the rolls into 1-2 inch slices.
  7. Bake for about 20 mins at 375 degrees.
  8. Cool and freeze.
  9. Pull from the freezer when packing school lunches, and they will be defrosted in time to eat!

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