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Healthy Food Changes for the New Year

This post was sponsored by the California Dried Plum Board. All opinions are my own

Welcome to the new year! If one of your goals for 2019 is to amp up your nutrition, that's great. But instead of a massive over-haul (aka "diet"), I'd encourage you instead to make one small positive action. Small changes will be much less overwhelming, and you'll be more likely to get to your goal.

Here are some simple ideas:

1) Add a vegetable to every lunch.

2) Add a protein choice to breakfast.

3) Swap soda for sparkling flavoured water.

4) Eat a mid-afternoon snack, to avoid being super hangry & over-eating at dinner.

One thing I'm going to improve this year is more variety for breakfast. My kids have been stuck in a toast & jam rut. Boring, and not the most nutritious start to the day!

Another favourite kid-breakfast around here is a bagel and cream cheese. This may come as a surprise, but cream cheese isn't that high in calcium or protein. So again- boring and not that nutritious.

So, I tried sprucing up the plain cream cheese by adding nuts, prunes, honey and cinnamon. It adds healthy fat, fibre and protein to the cream cheese. Win nutrition-wise, and super tasty too! Grab the Prune & Cream Cheese spread recipe from the California Prune Board website here.

Speaking of prunes.... if healthier snacking is your goal, they're a portable, shelf stable option to add to your pantry, purse, car and work desk.  California prunes are well known to help with digestive health, but they have other benefits, too. Research shows that eating just five-six prunes per day (40g) helps slow bone loss (who knew?!). This is because prunes are high in vitamin K and contain manganese, which both contribute to keeping your bones strong.

Do you have a resolution this year? If so, I'd love to hear about it!


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