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Gagging vs Choking

Watch my video discussing how to prevent gagging and choking here:

When introducing lumpy pureeds or finger foods to their baby, many parents are afraid of choking. Especially if their baby has a sensitive gag reflex and makes those awful gagging noises every time they eat! However, it’s important to know that gagging isn’t the same thing as choking. Gagging is normal and it’s not dangerous, just bringing up the food to chew some more before it goes back down! Gagging is a part of the learning to eat process for many infants. With choking on the other hand, your baby won’t be making any noise (so those gagging sounds are actually a good thing!), as their air pipe is blocked. They will turn blue and can’t breathe. This is why it’s important to know infant CPR, always watch your baby while they eat, and avoid choking hazards

Choking hazards for kids less than 4 years old include popcorn, full peanuts or nuts, seeds, fish with bones, hard candies,...

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