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Help, my baby is not eating enough!

Are you worried that your baby is not eating enough food? Wondering how they subsist mostly on milk (or even air?!) some days?

Or maybe you just came from a visit to the doctor or health nurse, and were concerned about your baby's (or toddler's or child's) growth. First of all, you are the parent. You know your baby best. Trust your baby - and you will do a great job! Often recommendations about how much your baby should be eating come from health care providers who are short on time and are just following the standard (and sometimes old) recommendations. Some are not parents themselves, or they may not be very familiar with current infant feeding practices.

It's common to see government-produced handouts with a days worth of food for the average baby or toddler. I have had many parents come to me, concerned that their baby isn't eating even close to the amounts listed in these guidelines. Heck, my 18 month old doesn't eat this much and some days my 5 year old doesn't either!


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