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Should you Delay Introducing Grains to your Baby?

I keep on hearing around the internet that babies should not be fed grains before age 1. Maybe age 2.  The reason given is that until that age, babies don’t make enough amylase, an enzyme that digests complex carbohydrates. Sounds scientific. But what about the complex carbs in fruits and veggies. I’ve never heard to delay vegetables…this theory sounds like a bit fishy. A shoot-off from the anti-grain-diet popularity in the adult world. Which is a bit sad, really. Transferring the newest fad diet onto our babies?! But maybe there is proof of this. Although I haven’t seen one reference on the opinion blogs I read on this topic, so I am skeptical. But if there is, I certainly want to know, as a mom of young kids and dietitian specializing in babies! So here’s what I found out.

Amylase is present in saliva as well as produced by the pancreas. To look first at salivary amylase, it’s important to know that very little digestion occurs in the...

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