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Is Homemade Infant Formula Safe?

More than once I have been asked: “I can’t breastfeed, can I make my baby homemade infant formula instead of buying commercial formula?” It’s a very simple answer (although I will provide you with other alternatives) –N.O.

Despite what your chiropractor or naturopath says, it is not safe. A nephrologist knows that new infants have troubles digesting the large proteins in cow’s milk. The chiropractor? Does not know, but claims to know. Side note: Homemade or “natural” formulas are not appropriate for infants. I have seen them lead to bowel growth problems in the short term and the long-term consequences are unknown. Puleeeeze make sure you are getting very important nutrition information for your infant from someone who knows what they are talking about (a pediatrician or pediatric dietitian). It could save your baby’s life.

Ok, off of that rant. Weston Price Foundation has popular homemade baby formula recipes. One, which is...

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