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Spices for Baby & Preventing Picky Eaters

Check out my interview (featuring two of my children as 'models!') from Global TV Edmonton. The clip also includes the owner of a spice shop, discussing how it's so great to introduce spices (other than salty spices) to babies when starting solids. Agreed! Giving them a varied palate may help to decrease the chances of picky eating later in life. And I discuss (again!) the benefits of a no-pressure/forcing attitude when feeding picky eaters.

Click here to watch the video. Want more? Sign up below for my free webinar "How to get started with Babyled Weaning": 

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Best Baby Led Weaning starter foods

Click on the image below to watch my Facebook Live on this topic, or read on below.

Weaning’ is the process of introducing solid foods to your baby. ‘Babyled Weaning’ is when you skip the pureeds and go straight to “real,” or finger foods. Baby feeds him or herself, and joins in with family meals from the start!

A common practice I've seen is to feed baby just fruits and veggies for days or weeks. And while fruits and veggies do contain vitamins, they are too low in both energy and other crucial nutrients like iron, to be the sole offering. Concentrate on sources of iron and higher calories, in safe size and textures.

Here are a few basic starter food ideas:

  • Beans and legumes;
  • Fried and sliced, or scrambled eggs;
  • Tender flakes of fish;
  • Slow cooked beef or pork roast, shredded;
  •  Ground meat, like a spaghetti sauce, meat balls or meat loaf;
  • Tender pork rib;
  • Banana or Avocado coated in wheat germ or infant cereal,  to make them easier...
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When can I introduce allergenic foods to my baby?

One of the most common questions I get from parents starting solids is "When can I introduce allergens like eggs/peanuts/dairy/wheat to my baby?

Even for high risk babies, the recommendations are now to introduce high risk allergenic foods fairly soon after starting solids, around 6 months of age. You can read the Canadian Pediatric Society statement on that here.

I created a video to share more details about introducing allergens to babies. Watch it here:

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Is Food Before 1 Just for Fun?

"Food Before 1 is just for fun." If you have a baby who's recently started solids, you've probably heard this saying many times! Is it really true? Watch my video here to for more details:

Here's the link to my Top 3 Mistakes with Babyled Weaning" video I mention.

Want to learn more about BLW? Catch my free webinar" How to get started with Babyled Weaning" here.

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New Guidelines for Introducing Peanuts to Babies

The National Institute of Allergy & Infections Diseases just released some new guidelines about introducing peanuts to infants, to decrease the risk of peanut allergy. Headlines read "Introduce peanuts by 6 months of age, to prevent peanut allergy." The "by 6 months" part isn't totally what the research shows, or what the guidelines currently recommend. Watch my video below, where I break down:

  • The guidelines and what is actually new (the recommendation to start allergens around 6 months has been around since 2008).
  • The studies that support introducing allergens at 6 months, and do they support introducing allergens earlier at 4-6 months?
  • How to introduce peanuts into your baby's diet.

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4 Tips to Avoid Lead in Babyfood

First arsenic in infant cereal and now lead in baby food?! As a parent, you want your baby to be able to grow and develop to their potential - and a good start with food is one step in supporting this. Lead-free food, that is! There's no safe detectable level of lead in our blood. Even low levels of lead in humans have been linked to lower IQs and behavioural problems.

A new report from an independent organization called the Environmental Defense Fund analyzed 11 years of Food & Drug Administration data in the United States and found that food was a source of lead contamination.  14% of  all 1o,064 foods analyzed contained lead. Even more concerning is that a higher proportion of baby food (20% of the 2,164 baby food samples analyzed) also contained lead.  This is a problem because babies are smaller and developing quickly, so at a higher risk of being damaged by lead exposure than adults.

Lead was found most often in fruit juices, especially grape juice...

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Choking & Babyled Weaning

You may be terrified of feeding your baby finger foods: “Won’t my baby choke if I feed him “real” food?”

Yet many proponents of Babyled Weaning (BLW) believe babies are actually at less risk of choking if they feed themselves rather than being spoon-fed by a parent. This is because the baby is in full control.

In fact a new study "A Baby-led to Eating Solids & Risk of Choking" found that Babyled Weaners do not choke more often than babies who start solids with purees.

Another benefit of BLW and introducing full foods sooner, is that the gag reflex is further forward in the mouth and it moves back as baby ages. So the gag reflex effectively keeps larger food pieces near the front of the mouth, only allowing very well-chewed foods to the back to be swallowed.

Yet choking is a risk, no matter how you start solids. The #1 food Babyled Weaning babes choke on is full apples. Choking occurs when the air tube is blocked. If your baby bites off a perfectly...

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5 Benefits of Babyled Weaning

Have you heard that you can skip the mush, and start your baby on solids using finger foods? It's called Babyled Weaning and it allows you to enjoy your meal along with your baby!

As a dietitian and mom of 3, I teach parents how to start solids using Babyled Weaning in a way that's both safe and nutritious. Today I wanted to discuss 5 reasons why you'll love Babyled Weaning:

  1. Faster Dexterity Development
  2. Potential for healthier weights and relationship with food
  3. Easy and less expensive
  4. Babyled Weaning parents are less stressed
  5. May lead to less picky eating in the future.


For more details on these benefits, click on my video below:

Purees can be a nutritious progression to finger foods, if you decide to use them. But maybe you want to skip the mush and use Babyled Weaning to make starting solids fun, easy and healthy! If you have no idea where to start, click to register for my free webinar "How to get started with Babyled Weaning"

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