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Iron & the Lucky Iron Fish

Do you have troubles getting enough iron in your diet?

If you're pregnant, vegetarian or a baby - even if you just regularly get your period...or are a picky eating toddler...the answer is probably yes.

Pregnancy nausea can bring challenges with swallowing large prenatal vitamins.


Vegetarians require 1.5x the amount of iron in their diet. The non-heme iron from vegetarian foods is not absorbed as well as the heme iron from meat.

And babies between the ages of 7-12 months need large amounts of iron to support fast growth. Unless you formula feed and offer fortified infant cereal multiple times a day, they're probably falling short. Want to know more about how to make sure your baby gets enough iron? Read my blog post here.

So what's the problem with having low iron? It can lead to decreased immunity, fatigue, troubles focusing, pale skin, weak hair and nails and even irreversible neurological defects in babies.

And iron deficiency is common. I've experienced it. So has my...

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