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5 Tips to Get Enough Iron when using Baby Led Weaning

One of the main 'beefs' many health professionals have with Baby Led Weaning (BLW) is the challenge of feeding your baby iron-rich foods.  As much as I love BLW, the concern about iron intake is real. A variety of studies in Canadian children show the prevalence of iron deficiency to range from 12% - 64%. And this can lead to anemia, which may cause irreversible physical and mental effects, like delayed attention and social withdrawal. So in contrast to a common quote: food before 1 is not just for fun.

By 4-6 months, your babies iron stores from before birth start to run out, depending on many things: mom's iron levels during pregnancy, delayed cord clamping at birth and gestational age at birth. Eighty percent of babe’s iron stores are built up in the third trimester of pregnancy. So I guess that's one benefit to those extra 17, 9 and 9 days I went "overdue" with my own babies :)

Babies need 11 mg iron per day from 7-12 months of age...

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