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Is Juicing Healthy for Me and My Child?

Juice shops are popping up in major cities, you can get '7 Day Juice Fasts' delivered to your door and home juicers are likely flying off the shelves.

What is juice?

Essentially juice is sugar-water with some vitamins. It is fruit and veggies, without the fibre. And considering most North Americans get 10g of fibre per day instead of the recommended 25 -35 g, I'm not sure why we would purposely remove the fibre from produce before consuming it. Yes, you can use the leftover produce pulp in baking, but I imagine most of it gets thrown out. And if consumed as the entire meal or snack, juice is unbalanced as most contain very little protein or fat. I'd rather drink a smoothie, containing the whole fruit or veggie plus some protein and fat (from hemp, pasteurized egg whites, chia, flax, yogurt, nut butter or milk).

If your juice is mostly fruit, it always shocks people to hear that fruit juice contains the same amount of sugar as pop. And the "but it's natural sugar"...

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