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After School Snacks

Does your child come home from school hungry? Mine often does. Sometimes his lunch kit comes home empty and other times it’s only half consumed. I will often offer him any veggie, fruit or grain (like muffin) hasn’t  been eaten from his lunch kit first. No use in throwing them out! If it’s a yogurt or perishable sandwich that comes home, unfortunately that needs to go straight to the garbage, as it’s likely gone bad sitting in a warm backpack all day.

After school snack is a GREAT time to get in veggies. They won’t ruin your child’s appetite for dinner, and since your child is quite hungry after school they will be more likely to eat foods they would usually turn down. Slice some veggies and serve with a bean dip. Or one of my childhood favourites was ‘ants on a log’: celery filled with peanut butter and topped with raisins. Since so many schools are nut-free, offer your child nuts and nut butter at home, as they are so...

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