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How to prevent choking when feeding baby finger foods and starting solids using Baby led Weaning

If you’re offering your baby their first finger foods, you’re probably nervous about choking. It’s normal that the first few times you offer your baby solid foods, they will gag -  striking fear in your heart that they can not handle real food and are going to choke!

Yet many proponents of Baby led Weaning (BLW) believe babies are actually at less risk of choking if they feed themselves rather than being spoon-fed by a parent. This is because the baby is in full control. In this post, we will discuss whether the research agrees and share tips to prevent choking for baby led weaning.

Gagging vs choking

One benefit of BLW and introducing “real” foods sooner, is that your baby’s gag reflex is further forward in the mouth. It moves back as your baby ages. So rest-assured that if your baby is  super-gaggy to start, this will decrease with time!

Gagging is actually protective against choking. It’s normal and not dangerous. Gagging is a...

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