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When to Start Solids

I’m often surprised by at hearing from moms that their under 4 month-old baby has started solids. Sometimes it’s even under doctor recommendation! How I would love to give some health professionals an update on infant nutrition more recent than 1982….. Anyways, many parents are eager to start solids too young. Common excuses include “my baby is too big” (but…. Breast milk is more calorie-dense than most solids!). Or at the other end of the spectrum “My baby is too small” (but again…. Breast milk is more calorie-dense than most solids!).

So when should you start your baby on solids? There are lots of things to consider. While official guidelines have changed over the years, the current guideline in Canada is to start solids at about 6 months of age. Exclusive breastfeeding is recommended until 6 months to protect your baby from GI and respiratory infections. But besides just age, it’s also important to look for...

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