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Say goodbye to the frustration, overwhelm & guilt of your dinnertime rut! 


Ready for less time spent wondering what's for dinner?

Let me guess: you have the constant thought of "what's for dinner tonight" running through your head. All. Day. Long. And sometimes at night in bed too :(

You often end up eating the same thing day after day, or picking up convenience food.

Or maybe after your third trip to the grocery store this week, you try a new recipe that takes too long to make. With 2 kids clinging to your legs!

Kids that require bargaining at the table to even take a bite! Not fun at all...

You're in the right place if you want to:

Have more motivation to meal plan and cook.

Spend less time in the grocery store & kitchen. And thinking about all things food (planning, shopping, cooking) = more time with your family.

Waste less food.

Spend less money on eating out/take-out.

Help your kids grow up to have a healthy relationship with food.

What's Covered in Dinnertime Rescue?

Dinnertime Rescue is a dietitian-led 6 week online program, that teaches busy parents a system to consistently organize healthy family meals.

The course is delivered via videos delivered to your inbox once a week for 6 weeks, starting when you sign up.

Most weeks also contain sample recipes for that week's theme and a summary handout.

BONUS #1: 4 weeks of meal plans, including recipes & a grocery list (2 weeks veggie & 2 omnivore).

BONUS #2:  My 10-Minute Dinner Challenge: videos to help you makeover your kitchen & get rid of the junk. Fill your kitchen with healthy basics. So you can cook a quick, healthy dinner any night of the week.

Sneak Peek into the weekly content....

Hi I'm Jen, and I can help you do this!

I’m a Registered Dietitian with a BSc and MSc in nutrition & have operated First Step Nutrition for over 11 years. I’ve authored a book, appeared on local & national media and helped hundreds of  clients with feeding their families.

And this is why I created the "Dinnertime Rescue" program. To help moms like you get out of the dinnertime rut!

My goal is to take the stress out of dinnertime. And help make mealtimes a positive place for everyone & set your child up to have a life-long positive food relationship.

This online course is for you if you want to:

>> Spend less time in the grocery store & kitchen = more time with your family,

>> Have more motivation to meal plan and cook,

>> Waste less food,

>> Spend less money on eating out/take-out,

>> Spend less time thinking about all things food (planning, shopping, cooking, fighting with the kids about eating),

>> Help your kids grow up to have a healthy relationship with food,

>> Decrease dinner-time battles.

This program is NOT for you if:

>> You can cure your meal-planning woes with a personal chef or meal delivery,

>> You’re an organized maven in the kitchen, who has this meal planning and feeding your family- thing perfected!

Ready to Join Dinnertime Rescue?

Investment $97 CAD

If you have extended health benefits that reimburse dietitian fees, it’s possible you will get reimbursed. Leading to the cost of the course for you being $0!!!

(Not guaranteed, please check if your benefits provider will reimburse for an e-course, with a Registered Dietitian from Alberta).

I'm Ready To Join Dinnertime Rescue!

Happiness Guarantee

If you are not  happy with the course, just email me to explain why, within 7 days of purchase. I will offer a 100% refund.

Note: If I have provided you with a receipt to reimburse the cost through health benefits, I can not reimburse the cost of the course (unless you can provide evidence that your health benefits company did not reimburse you).

Ask yourself....

How much will it cost me in the future NOT to join?

>> Meal delivery…. $10/person/meal

>> Or take or restaurant cost weekly

>> Extra trips to the store

>> Food waste

That’s just money…..

>> What about the stress of having no plan, or continued fighting at dinner with kids!

>> Or the time needed for extra trips to the store and constantly wondering “what’s for dinner?”

>> Lacking healthy nutrients like fibre, fruits and veggies & excess in sodium & preservatives.

Frequently Asked Questions:

By the time you complete this course, you should be well organized in the kitchen! Then it will take just 5-10 minutes to create your meal plan and grocery list for the week. With one (max 2!) trips to the grocery store per week.

It will take about 30 minutes a week to review the content.

You will have to spend some time  to input and upload your favourite recipes into the system. This will vary, but will likely take about 2 additional hours.

The kitchen-makeover bonus is up to you, but if you follow-through to do clean-up you can take 10 mins a day or a 2 hour over-haul!

Once your kitchen is clean and you have a meal planning system in place, you will save time every single day going forward!

Most extended health benefits do reimburse dietitian services. Check with your plan for the level of coverage. I can’t direct bill, but can accept credit cards and provide a receipt for reimbursement.

You will get access to week 1 right after signing up! Along with the Bonus 10-Minute Dinner Challenge to complete on your own timeline.

The 4 week Bonus meal plan will arrive with your week 2 content, in time to start organizing those recipes!

As of 2003, I am a Registered Dietitian – the only regulated nutrition profession. I completed a BSc from the University of Alberta, and MSc from University of British Columbia, a competitive 1 year internship and submit competencies yearly to the College of Dietitians of Alberta. I’ve operated my private practice First Step Nutrition, for 11 years.

Beyond the professional stuff, I’m also a busy mom just like you! I have a 12 year old, 8 year old and 4 year old at home. While not always perfect, I successfully feed my family home-cooked meals. I have professional and personal training and practice to help you do the same!

If you are not 100% happy with the course, just let me know ([email protected]) why, and I will offer a 100% refund within 14 days of purchase (as long as I haven't emailed you a receipt for health benefits reimbursement). Give it a try, there’s no risk!

$147. This is less than a private consult with a dietitian (me!).

The 4 weeks of meal plans themselves are worth $600!

*If you have extended health benefits that reimburse dietitian fees, it’s possible you will get reimbursed, leading to the cost of the course for you being $0!!! But not guaranteed, please check with your benefits provider first, that they will reimburse an online course run by a Registered Dietitian from Alberta.

You will have access to the course as long as I am running it. So lifetime access for the lifetime of the course :)

Hello Beautiful Mama!

I understand these struggles of being in a dinner-time slump. It’s a huge weight on your shoulders, that I'm here to help lift.

I can’t wait to see the fun & easy meals you will soon be having with your family!

Your kids are lucky to have a mom that works so hard and cares so much :) Talk soon.

Jen XO

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