End Picky Eating!

It's time to end the food fights.

Hey mama, I see you

And I bet you're struggling with.....

  • Pleading with your kid just to take one bite of dinner.
  • Bribing your child with dessert just to taste a new food.
  • Hiding vegetables, so your child will eat them.
  • Being a short-order-cook and making multiple meals, so your kids don't starve.
  • Worrying that your child isn't getting enough food or nutrients to be healthy.

Meal times that are full of fights, tears and stress for the whole family.

As a mom of 3 (including 1 picky eater), I get it!

I know what you really want is to:

  • Have a child that eats the amount of food he or she needs to grow well.
  • Stress less about how much and what your child eats.
  • Have a child that will be more likely to try new foods or eat their veggies – without you having to ‘work’ for it!
  • Have a child that grows up to have less chances of being overweight, having an eating disorder or unhealthy emotional relationship with food.
  • Finally get rid of fights over food and find more PEACE around the dinner table.


Hi, I'm Jen and I can help you do this! As a mom of 3,  I’ve struggled with a picky eater....and come out of it with an 8 year old who has a healthy relationship with food and tries new things!

I’m also a Registered Dietitian with a BSc and MSc in nutrition and have operated First Step Nutrition for over 10 years. I’ve authored a book, appeared on local & national media and helped hundreds of  clients with feeding their families.

What will you learn?

How to end the dinnertime battles.

Banish the fear that you’re failing at your job to make sure your kid eats a balanced diet.

Find more peace for both you and your kids around the dinner table. And finally feel confident in what and how you feed your kids, instead of second-guessing yourself.

Want to join the wait list?

Only 8 families will be accepted. Want to be one of them?


Week 1: Food & Nutrients for Kids and your role of WHAT foods your child is offered....so that you know what to feed your child and end short-order cook syndrome!

Week 2: We cover normal growth, decreasing pressure at the table and your child's role of "How Much" ....so you can feel confident in letting your child listen to their appetite rather than feeling like you need to get them to eat.  This will help your child grow up with a healthy relationship with food. AND no more tears or yelling at the table!

Week 3: The When and Where's of feeding kids. Learn how to apply the "kitchen is closed" rule, and have more structured meals and snack times - so that your kids actually have an appetite for meals! We chat table rules, and conversation starters. Creating family meal routines  = stronger more connected and healthier families!

 Week 4: Special guest, Melissa (an Occupational Therapist) will join us to discuss some more in-depth strategies for extreme picky eaters. Learn about red flags that your child might be struggling with oral or sensory problems and how to gradually expand the textures they will accept.

 Week 5: Making food fun. How to get kids involved in meal planning, shopping & cooking. Create an interest and healthy mindset around food, so your child grows up to love cooking and eating all foods!

Week 6:  Our final coaching will will not introduce more content, but give everyone more time to check-in. Get help in areas you may still be struggling, and celebrate all of your progress!


Video Trainings

Weekly recorded short content videos that you can watch anytime during the week. These videos will contain content & easy tasks & activities to help you implement & make changes.

Group Calls

Group training calls via zoom weekly, for personal support and coaching. These will help you work through any challenges. Everybody gets a 10 minute time slot per week and max 8 women will be enrolled, so you won’t be left behind!

Support Group

Private group with weekly resources, challenges and accountability. If you’re struggling or have content questions, post them in this group and I will get back to you - the other mamas may have some advice too!

Client Success Stories:

"Our win for this past week - I weighed Addie just before we started this program (End Picky Eating): she was 18.1lbs (~10%); today she’s 19.6lbs (21%)! It doesn’t just seem like she is eating more, she actually is! Her Dr. was happy to see that she’s back on an upward curve. Our meal times are so much more peaceful. And I’ve been quite surprised to see her try things that previously ended up on the floor."

Mom of 15 mo old Addie

"You are a life-saver. Jack now has learned to not ask for snacks all day long. We’ve been relaxed at dinner and not pressuring Jack, we are eating family style…. we are trying very hard to implement pretty much everything you said, and we are seeing big changes ALREADY. Jack has been trying new foods left right and centre with almost no pressure from us. Everything has been changing rapidly."

- Kristin
mom of 2

"I just wanted to say thank you! This program has helped tremendously! It felt like my son was never going to try new foods and last night for dinner he ate a pork chop and not only picked up broccoli but actually took a bite! I thought I must be dreaming. Both foods were new for him to try much less eat. Then the icing on the cake was he even ate Vietnamese food today at a restaurant around people he doesn’t know well. I know there will be days were he will revert but I see that a much more relaxed/open approach was exactly what my son needs. Thank you again"

- Jen

"I already feel much better about August’s eating! Your tips have helped my husband and I be a bit more relaxed at the table, and that seems to have had a positive impact on our son’s reluctance to try unfamiliar foods already!"


You're in the right place if...

- You’d love to end the dinnertime battles. No more tears or yelling! What if the kids didn't complain about dinner and were active participants in helping you choose and make some meals?! It's totally possible!

- You want your kids to grow up and have a healthy relationship with food, compared to many adults, who are emotional eaters. Childhood sets the foundation for how your kids will deal with food for the rest of their life.

Ready? Click here to apply for the next round!

This is not for you if....

- You’re not willing to contribute to the group. We all have something to share, and learning from other moms strengthens this program.

- You’re not ready to invest in improving the health of your family. 

Frequently Asked Questions

This isn't a do-it-yourself course.

You have my personal support and coaching for 6 weeks And a close-knit group of other moms going through the same struggles as you are. 

You will be provided with in-depth learning and activities to change your health and impact your whole family.

You can’t find that on google!

The weekly group calls will last about an hour. For the first 20-30 mins, I will deliver the content and the rest of the time will left for support and Q&A.

You can interact in the facebook group as much as you like. And weekly "homework" is to be worked into your regular day-to-day schedules and won't take extra time.

I know you're busy! But once you get this picky eating thing under control, think of all the time you will SAVE by no ending short-order-cook syndrome and fighting with your kids.

Is 1 hour a week for 6 weeks worth that?! Hell YES!

For most of my clients, the answer is yes.

If you have extended health benefits, I can provide a receipt that you can submit for reimbursement.

Call them to check that they cover a group coaching program with a dietitian in Alberta, Canada. 

Yes, this isn't a do-it-yourself online course.

You won't be just a number. Every mom will have 10 minutes every single week on our group coaching calls to ask questions.

 I will also be in our private Facebook group daily, to check-in on you!

No problem!

The live calls are recorded and posted in the Facebook group if you miss them. You can catch up anytime.


Ask Yourself:

What if I continue to do what I'm currently doing....

What happens if you continue to fight with your kids to eat more than they want?

Any battles over food, are harmful for your whole family. Kids who feel bad about their body and food are at 3x increased risk for binge eating, weight gain and eating disorders.

In the end, not only will this program will save you countless hours of fighting with your kids at the table, worry and stress. It will help establish a healthy relationship with food (and each other!) for your whole family.

Hello Beautiful Mama!

Thanks for reading this far, I’m so glad you’re here!

I know the craziness that can come with feeling exhausted, dealing with kids who are picky AF and overwhelmed trying to get dinner on the table.

And that is why I’m here to help, every step of the way.

I can’t wait to see the peaceful relationship you will created with your children and food.  Your kids are lucky to have a mom that works so hard and cares so much :)

Can’t wait to talk soon!  XO



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