Want to use Babyled Weaning, but don't know where to start?


Then you're in the right place....

You've heard a lot about Babyled Weaning. As a mom and pediatric dietitian, I have come across countless moms with the same worries about using Babyled Weaning:

  • Unsure about whether baby-led weaning is a good choice for starting your baby on solids? Or even safe?
  • Panicked that your baby will choke if you offer finger foods from the start?
  • Concerned your baby will get enough food and nutrients if you use baby-led weaning?
  • Or just frustrated by having to defend baby-led weaning to family, friends and health care providers?

Why Use Babyled Weaning when Starting Solids?

> Supports motor development earlier

> Sets your baby up for a healthy relationship with food

> Finger foods are more nutritious than many purees

> May help prevent picky eating

> Easier for parents & fun for baby!


Solid Steps to Babyled Weaning was created to take the confusion out of starting solids.


It will give you the knowledge and support you need, to confidently make starting solids with Babyled Weaning fun, easy & healthy!

What's Covered in the Course?

The course is built around videos walking you through each step.  These tutorials are broken down into bite-size chunks, so you can watch them as you have time and jump around as needed! Most "steps" or modules also contain a supporting handout and links to resources related to each topic.

For extra support, join our private interactive Facebook community of Babyled Weaning moms. Share your questions, photos, recipes, successes and struggles. I will be there daily during the week too, to guide you along!

Everything Babyled Weaning you need in one place - easy to view and quick to get through!

More on what's Covered in Each 'Step'


Introduction to Babyled Weaning

–5 Benefits of Babyled Weaning & 3 Potential Risks

–Research on Babyled Weaning: i.e.when can you start, what’s the choking risk, does it prevent obesity?

–Best tools for Babyled Weaning

What to feed baby

When to Start Babyled Weaning

–4 Myths for starting solids early

–When 3 major organizations recommend starting

–2 special situations you may want to start earlier or later

–3 developmental signs your baby is ready to eat

–What to do before your baby is ready

What to feed baby

What, how much & when to feed your baby

–Iron: how much, and sources of iron, signs of low iron, 7 tips to get in more iron

–Size of foods to offer for palmer and pincher grasp

–How many times per day to offer food

–Is baby eating enough? Or too much? What to do.

–9 steps to make it easier for your baby to eat

–How to prevent picky eating.

–Signs your baby may need an Occupational Therapist.

Preventing Choking

Preventing Choking

–Show safe shape and texture of foods

–Foods to avoid

–8 tips to prevent choking

–New studies: do BLWers choke more often?

–CPR demonstration by a paramedic


All About Allergies

–Top 8 Allergens

–Special way to introduce an allergen if you’re especially worried

–When to start allergens: should you delay

–Signs of allergic reaction

Moving forward

Moving Forward

–Modifying Family Meals

  • 3 types of foods to avoid for baby
  • When your diet isn’t healthy enough for baby
  • How of feed your baby soup, salad, spicy & salty foods

–Comebacks for Critics

  • What to say when you hear: She’ll choke, can’t get enough food, can’t get enough iron, needs to learn textures gradually, needs infant cereal, needs food before 6 months, etc.

And Let's Not Forget About the Bonuses you don't want to miss out!

Bonus 1

Cookbook for Weaners, PDF. Recipes created with my friend Melissa from Wean Green - so you know what foods to offer your baby! Including 76 all finger-friendly recipes, many that the whole family will enjoy!

Bonus 2

Babies demonstrate Babyled Weaning: Watch videos of babies at 6 months, 9 months and 11 months eating using BLW! This gives you an idea of skill levels and food ideas.

Why I Created This E-Course

My daughter Norah sold me on BLW 6 years ago, when she refused pureeds. On a family trip to Mexico, I saw how much she LOVED the foods we were eating – the bun from the table, the strip of pineapple - so much more than the mush. It was a blast to watch her explore whole foods. And as a bonus, much easier for me!

Unfortunately I didn't successfully translate my nutrition knowledge into offering Norah nutrient-dense finger foods. I found out that she was iron deficient when she was 4 - and could've been for years. This is why I'm so passionate about teaching moms to use Babyled Weaning the right way. Which is what I did with my third child, Arden.

Since then, I've authored "The Parents' Guide to Baby-led Weaning." And taught hundreds of moms how to safely & nutritiously introduce solids using Baby-led Weaning.

As of 2003, I am a registered dietitian - the only regulated nutrition profession. I completed a BSc from University of Alberta, an MSc from University of British Columbia, a competitive 1-year internship and submit competencies yearly for the College of Dietitians of Alberta. I’ve operated my private practice First Step Nutrition for 10 years.

You want to make sure you have an expert to guide you on your BLW journey. That’s me! I am a member of Dietitians of Canada, the Calgary Attachment Parents Village, co-chair of the Calgary Breastfeeding Matters Group……and most importantly mother of three! Nolan is 10, Norah is 7 and Arden is 3.

Who is this e-course for?

>>The mom who wants to learn more about what BLW is and how to do it. Like when to start, what foods to try, what size and texture of foods to offer.
>>The mom who gets panicky thinking about introducing finger foods in case her baby chokes.
>>The mom who doesn’t know if her baby is getting enough food, calories or iron using BLW.
>>The mom who is tired of defending BLW to others, and just wants to shut them up (or teach them something!)
>>The mom who is using BLW, but not sure what to feed her baby when family meals are not baby-friendly.
>>The mom who has struggled with too much weight, disordered eating, or an unhealthy relationship with food, and wants to change this for her child. BLW is an excellent start to ensuring your baby has a healthy relationship with food, which can last a lifetime!
>>The mom is too busy to make pureeds and want to save time!

Is this right for you?

Great, I’ve read Gil Rapley's book too and it gives you a good background. But this course offers concrete steps on avoiding choking and getting in high iron foods, something I felt was overlooked in the book. Which is one reason why I wrote my own book "The Parents Guide to Babyled Weaning."

This e-course offers videos so can SEE babies eating and what foods to offer, unlike books. Along with a Facebook group where myself and other members can get questions answered, and a recipe book – this course is still totally useful to you!

Even if you’ve been using pureeds for weeks or months, it’s very important to also offer your baby finger foods before 9 months of age. This course will be useful for you if introducing finger foods is new, even if your baby is closer to 9 or 12 months. You still have the same things to focus on, including concentrating on iron rich foods and preventing choking.

You are already sold on the concept of BLW - great! You’ve come to the right place. The private Facebook forum will be a great place to answer your questions, and the info provided in the course will give you some solid steps to make sure you are safely and nutritiously feeding your baby.

No, but you can join the course and get prepared! More about “when” to start is found inside.

A single consult with a dietitian would cost more money than this course. And if you have extended health benefits, email me for a receipt –you may get reimbursed! This isn't guaranteed, please check with your benefits provider before ordering.

This course is delivered in quick videos, watch the ones you need to! This will save you time from searching the internet, youtube and reading books. Everything you need for BLW in one place!

Are you Ready to join Solid Steps to Babyled Weaning?

Investment $149 CAD

If you have extended health benefits that reimburse dietitian fees, it’s possible you will get reimbursed. Leading to the cost of the course for you being $0!!!

(Not guaranteed, please check if your benefits provider will reimburse for an e-course, with a Registered Dietitian from Alberta).

I'm Ready To Join Solid Steps To Babyled Weaning!

Happiness Guarantee

If you are not  happy with the course, just email me to explain why, within 7 days of purchase. I will offer a 100% refund.

Note: If I have provided you with a receipt to reimburse the cost through health benefits, I can not reimburse the cost of the course (unless you can provide evidence that your health benefits company did not reimburse you).

Happy Babyled Weaners

  • 100% of participants surveyed, felt the e-course met their needs
  • 100% enjoyed the video delivery format
  • 100% thought the amount of content was perfect
  • 100% would recommend the e-course to their friends!

"As a fellow dietitian, I knew the reasons why to baby led wean but without the practical I felt a little lost. The videos and visuals in this course really helped pull it together and I’m excited to try solids with my baby."

Alexis & baby Naill

"I really appreciate the BLW info. I read the book Babyled Weaning and found that informative but your course has increased my confidence, specifically around how to prepare the food for my baby at a safe size. I’ve found that there is a lot of information from different sources that contradict each other so it was nice to have a visual in the video to help me."


"I found this course to be very thorough covering everything I needed to know to feel confident with BLW. The price was extremely reasonable as well being that Jennifer also supplies you with an infant CPR video and resources such as a BLW cookbook. I would highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to know more about BLW."

Erica & baby Andrew

"I was so happy that I took the Baby Led Weaning eCourse through First Step Nutrition. This was a topic I wanted to learn more about and I was excited to find course taught by a Registered Dietitian. Taking this eCourse helped to increase my confidence about this approach of feeding to my 6 month old. It felt like the right thing to do but when you do not know a lot of people feeding this way or you do not have a lot of support from family and friends it can be discouraging. The course provides you with a little bit of the background of what is Baby Led Weaning, discusses the benefits as well as some of the drawbacks. There is a section on safety and lists of appropriate foods to try with your babe. We really liked this approach as it allowed our babe to have such a great relationship with food. She was able to explore and interact with her food more easily and she really liked to have the control. I would definitely encourage anyone wanting to try BLW with their babe to take this course. It did not take long to complete the info either which is good for busy moms with limited time"


"I wanted to try Babyled Weaning, but was unsure of where to begin, what foods to offer my son Brody and if he would eat enough. I was looking for some easy baby recipe ideas that fit in with my own eating patterns, as well as guidance on avoiding choking! There is lots of conflicting advise out there about starting solids. I wanted a clear and easy to digest course which wouldn't take up too much of my time, which this course offered. After ‘Solid Steps to Babyled Weaning,’ I now feel well-informed and confident to proceed with starting my son Brody on BLW! I love that the videos are short and concise, enjoyed the recipe ideas and the found the downloadable handouts very useful. I would recommend ‘Solid Steps to Babyled Weaning’ to other moms, because it's easy to follow and is broken down into bite-sized chunks that can you can easily fit in around your baby’s schedule"

Becky & baby Brody

"Baby led weaning and the access to the e-course significantly influenced our baby feeding experience, in a positive way! The course gave us the confidence to try baby led weaning right way (not using purees at all) and answered any questions we might have had. The modules were short and to the point, and all included great information. It allowed both my husband and I to access all the information and therefore be on the same page in regards to our feeding approach. Baby led weaning continues to be really fun for our whole family, we love sharing meals with our little guy and watching him discover food on his own."

Kathryn & baby Emmitt

Still have questions?

This course is so much more than a book! Quick but still offering solid steps, the course videos are awesome for actually SEEING babies eat, sizes of safe food and more. The facebook group is invaluable, as I will be in there to help and you will have other moms for support! The Cookbook for Babyled Weaners is a nice bonus too.

Unfortuately following intuition for most has meant starting too early, with foods that don’t contain the most important nutrients for a baby and are unsafe in size. The guidance of a professional (and fellow BLW mom) will give you solid steps and assistance!

Each video is 4-10 minutes long - I know you’re busy so try to get to the point! Overall there is about 90 minutes worth of “watching,” broken down into short chunks. Some supporting links and handouts are provided as well, if you want to delve further. You should be able to review everything within 2-3 hours. Of course how much time you spend in the facebook group is up to you!

You will get access to the whole program within minutes of registering, so you can start right away.

While health officials are not yet recommending BLW as a health guideline, there is currently good research underway in New Zealand that will (hopefully) demonstrate that with the proper training and methods, BLW can be safe and beneficial for babies. The newer starting solids guidelines from Canada do recommend introducing finger foods now at 6 months…so I think it’s coming eventually! I discuss the current research as well as concerns of health professionals in the course, so that you can have an educated conversation with them about it!

If you are not 100% happy with the course, just let me know ([email protected]) why, and I will offer a 100% refund within 7 days of purchase (as long as I haven't emailed you a receipt for health benefits reimbursement). Give it a try, there’s no risk!

$197. This is less than a private consult with a dietitian (me!). *If you have extended health benefits that reimburse dietitian fees, it’s possible you will get reimbursed, leading to the cost of the course for you being $0!!! But not guaranteed, please check with your benefits provider first, that they will reimburse an online course run by a Registered Dietitian from Alberta.

You will have access to the course materials for 6 months, and the facebook group for as long as you like!


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