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The Nourished Family

A group coaching program for moms to create health, ease, and love for your whole family, through nutrition and self care.

Hey mama, I see you.

And bet you are you are struggling with the chaos of….

Finding time and energy to meal plan and cook. You have no plan and are stuck wondering what’s for dinner come every night at 5pm. 

Running on little sleep, poor nutrition and rarely taking time to yourself to re-charge.

Feeling like crap about your body. You have little time or energy to work out or prepare healthy meals. You occasionally goes on health kicks or diets that don’t last.

Trying to feed kids who are picky AF. You have to plead or bribe them just to take a bit of a vegetables….which often results in tears all around. You’re scared your kids aren’t getting the nutrients they need to be healthy.

Wanting to be the best role model that you can. And for your kids to grow up with a healthy relationship with food. But you're not sure how to do this….especially if you’ve had your own struggles with food in the past.

Being exhausted, frustrated and overwhelmed with the never-ending task of feeding yourself and your family.

As the mom of 3, I get it! I know what you really want is to:


Learn to take care of and LOVE yourself.

Be the best role model that you can be and help your kids develop a healthy relationship with food...even if this is something you personally struggle with.

Finally get rid of fights over food and find more PEACE around the dinner table.

Banish the fear that you’re failing at your job to feed your kids well. And finally feel confident in what and how you feed your kids, instead of second-guessing yourself.

Get organized in your kitchen.

Save TIME, money, and stress by creating a meal planning system you can actually sustain. Feed your family without the overwhelm. 

Because if mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!

Hi, I'm Jen and I can help you do this! As a mom of 3, I understand the daily challenges that come along with the responsibility of raising small humans. I’ve struggled with a picky eater, wondered what to say when my kid say to me “your bum is like jell-o” (kids are so creative!) and stared at an empty fridge wondering what’s for dinner!

Now we have come through the picky eating, all of my kids have a healthy relationship with food and I have a consistent plan for our meals!

I’m also a Registered Dietitian with a BSc and MSc in nutrition and have operated First Step Nutrition for over 10 years. I’ve authored a book, appeared on local & national media and helped hundreds of  clients with feeding their families.

What will you learn?

Nourish Mom

Learn to take care of and love yourself. This will lead to you being a good role model for your kids. And to help them develop a healthy relationship with food & their body. If you’ve struggled with this yourself in the past, we will work to heal this so you can finally respect the body you have!

Nourish Kids

End the fights over food. Banish the fear that you’re failing at your job to make sure your kid eats a balanced diet. This module will provide more peace for both you and your kids around the dinner table. And you will finally feel confident in what and how you feed your kids, instead of second-guessing yourself.

Nourish Family

Get organized in your kitchen. We will overhaul your pantry and stock it with health basics. As well as create a system to organize the recipes and meal plan consistently. Save time, money, and stress. Feeding your families without the overwhelm!

Month 1

Nourish MOM

  • Down with the Diet: Health at Every Size; Getting over the diet mentality and focusing on health behaviours vs weight. Have more energy to focus on your kids, instead of wasting energy on another diet.
  • Energetic Mama: Mindful Eating for Moms; Energy-boosting nutrients and foods, so that you don’t feel so tired all day! Giving you the tools to have more freedom around enjoying all foods & learning to embrace your body cues.
  • Body Kindness: Accepting you may not get your pre-baby body back - and being okay with that. Develop the self confidence (or at least respect!) with your body again. Learn to embrace enjoyable movement that’s sustainable, leading to more energy and a better mood.
  • Self Care as a Mom:  Keep your sanity! Coping mechanisms for moms, to experience less stress, more ease, and learn how to be more present and calm. Being kinder to yourself will also translate into being kinder to your kids!

Month 2

Nourish KIDS

  • Picky eating: your roles; knowing when, where and what to feed your child and feeling confident in your role. End short-order cook syndrome! We will also discuss some more in-depth strategies for extreme picky eaters. No more tears or yelling at the dinner table!
  • Picky eating: your child’s roles; knowing what your child’s roles are and being able to trust them with that. This will help your child grow up with a healthy relationship with food, and create a more loving and understanding relationship with their child
  • Mindful eating for kids; Creating interest and healthy mindset around food, so your child grows up to love cooking and eating all foods.
  • Family dinner & routines; getting kids involved and helping and connecting more around the dinner table. Creating family meal routines  = stronger more connected and healthier families!

Month 3

Nourish FAMILY

  • What is “healthy eating”: There are many definitions of “healthy!” Learn how to be your own family’s nutritionist. Have confidence that the foods you bring into your home and put on the table are what your children need to grow well.
  • Kitchen makeover: Get rid of the junk and fill your kitchen with healthy basics, so you can make a quick dinner any night of the week. Learn how to label read, and spot marketing traps. You will have confidence in the grocery store from now on!
  • Recipes & food ideas: I’ll share my favourite recipe books, websites and some meal plans. We will talk quick snack ideas and you will be able to make quick and easy dinners that are healthy.
  • Meal planning: Organizing your recipes and strategies for meal planning that will work for your family. Never wonder what’s for dinner come 5pm, make 5 trips to the grocery store in a week or pick up take-out on the way home! Save hours per week, and $1,000’s per year.

Video Trainings

Weekly recorded short content videos that you can watch anytime during the week. These videos will contain content & easy tasks & activities to help you implement & grow.

Group calls

Group training calls via zoom weekly, for personal support and coaching. These will help you work through any challenges. Everybody gets a 10 minute time slot per week and max 10 women will be enrolled, so you won’t be left behind!

Support Group

Private group with weekly resources, challenges and accountability. If you’re struggling or have content questions, post them in this group and I will get back to you - the other mamas may have some advice too!

BONUS! 4 weeks of done-for-you meal plans

Need some new recipe inspiration? I’ll supply you with 4 weeks of breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks including recipes and a grocery list. Two weeks include meat and 2 weeks are vegetarian (for the veggies out there, or those looking for more plant-based recipes!).


Ask Yourself:

What if I continue to do what I'm currently doing....

What happens if you continue to put yourself at the bottom of the totem pole? Or vocally hating your body? Or fighting with your kids to eat more than they want - or restricting them if you think they eat too much?!

Any battles over food or your body, are harmful for your whole family. Whether they are your own, or you are unintentionally creating them for your children. Kids who feel bad about their body and food are at 3x increased risk for binge eating, weight gain and eating disorders.

In the end, not only will this program will save you countless hours of fighting with your kids at the table and thinking about what’s for dinner every single day. It will help establish a healthy relationship with food (and each other!) for your whole family.


"“Thank you so much for the chat, and for the resources you’ve provided. I already feel much better about August’s eating! Your tips have helped my husband and I be a bit more relaxed at the table, and that seems to have had a positive impact on our son’s reluctance to try unfamiliar foods already!”"


"You are a life-saver. Jack now has learned to not ask for snacks all day long. We’ve been relaxed at dinner and not pressuring Jack, we are eating family style…. we are trying very hard to implement pretty much everything you said, and we are seeing big changes ALREADY. Jack has been trying new foods left right and centre with almost no pressure from us. Honestly it was like as soon as I relaxed a little, I let him have his job, and I just stuck to mine, everything has been changing rapidly."


"“I just wanted to say thank you! This program has helped tremendously! It felt like my son was never going to try new foods and last night for dinner he ate a pork chop and not only picked up broccoli but actually took a bite! I thought I must be dreaming. Both foods were new for him to try much less eat. Then the icing on the cake was he even ate vietnamese food today at a restaurant around people he doesn’t know well. I know there will be days were he will revert but I see that a much more relaxed/open approach was exactly what my son needs. Thank you again! ” "


"What you taught us is realistic and healthy. I just want to simplify my life while ensuring my kids are getting the nutrition they need, and growing up with a healthy outlook on food. I feel like food shouldn’t be hard or over complicated. And this course did that for me. I was not raised with a foundation of healthy eating, I want different for my kids. I feel much more confident in what “healthy eating” looks like. If you struggle like I did and feel overwhelmed with all the ‘shoulda’ of feeding a family, it’s a great way to simplify and organize. I’m finding meal planning to be quicker and stress free. I do not have to reinvent the wheel each week. I just make a flexible plan and go with it. Freezer meals are saving me! "


"I have been doing really well the last couple of months. I’d say overall we’ve all been eating very well the last few months and I know for me for sure, I feel much better. The meal plan worked great for us and we’ve been getting pretty good at working on our own plans weekly so we know what to expect that week for meals and grocery shopping. "


You're in the right place if....

- You are ready to start taking care of yourself better. Nourishing your body, and respecting it for all of the amazing things it does for you!  As their mom, you are the most important role model for your child, and you want to provide them with this amazing gift.

- You want to feel good about the food your feed your family.  

- You want to have time to sit on the floor and build a puzzle with your kids, instead of  dragging them to the grocery store for the third time this week.

- You’d love to end the dinnertime battles. No more tears or yelling! What if the kids didn't complain about dinner and were active participants in helping you choose and make some meals?!

This is not for you if....

  • You’re not willing to show up and contribute to the group. We all have something to share, and learning from other moms strengthens this program.
  • Want a quick weight loss solution, or a keto meal plan….this is about ending the diets and fad nutrition advice.
  • Are a man. It’s great for both you and your partner to be on the same page when it comes to feeding your family. You’re welcome (and encouraged) to share the videos with your husband or partner, especially the ones related to dealing with picky eaters and feeding your family! However, the coaching will be limited to women (or those who identify as such!), as we have unique issues and I want to create a safe place where we can all understand and relate to each other.
  • You’re not ready to invest in improving your health & the health of your family.

Ready to Join?

Only 10 women will be accepted. Want to be one of them?

Happiness Guarantee

Not happy with the program? You have 30 days to request a refund.

If you’ve been watching the videos, showing up to the live calls and in the Facebook group and don’t feel like you’re getting what you need, I will refund you 100% of your investment.

So there’s really no risk in joining! But plenty to gain :)

Frequently Asked Questions

You have my personal support for 90 days. And a close-knit group of other moms going through the same struggles as you are. 

You will be provided with in-depth learning and activities to change your health and impact your whole family.

You can’t find that on google!


The weekly content videos will be broken up into short videos all under 10 minutes, which you can watch while the baby naps or you when you’re folding the laundry. In total, I aim to keep the content to under 30 minutes a week, so it’s easy to consume. I know you’re busy!

We will also have group calls weekly, these will last about 60 minutes.

If you have extended health benefits, I can provide a receipt that you can submit for reimbursement. Ensure you check that they cover a group coaching program with a dietitian in Alberta, Canada. 

Yes, you won't be just a number. Every woman will have 10 minutes every single week on our group coaching calls to talk to me about how you're doing. I will also be in our private Facebook group daily, to check-in on you!

The group calls will last maximum 90 minutes each week. These are recorded if you miss them, and you can catch up anytime.

There will really be no new content delivered in the videos, just extra coaching, questions and support.

Hello Beautiful Mama!

Thanks for reading this far, I’m so glad you’re here!

I know the craziness that can come with feeling exhausted, dealing with kids who are picky AF and overwhelmed trying to get dinner on the table.

And that is why I’m here to help, every step of the way.

I can’t wait to see the peaceful relationship you will created with your children and food.  Your kids are lucky to have a mom that works so hard and cares so much :)

Can’t wait to talk soon!  XO



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